Full Time Competitive


Our competitive program is designed to truly challenge and inspire children who are serious about dance.

Available in Carleton Place

This program offers intense conditioning, technical training, first class choreography and personal attention. Students gain the technique they need through concentrated training in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap, Technique and more…

Although the focus is on giving students the ability to pursue dance as a profession, the skills learned in this program have proven to be valuable life lessons that continue to benefit the students in all career choices. Self-discipline, self-expression, responsibility, and time management are only some of the qualities that our students are guaranteed to acquire.

Children ranging from ages 7-19, our  Junior, Intermediate, Teen, Senior, Advanced and Elite levels are all built on ability, technique, personality and above all potential.

Our competitive dancers train anywhere from 3-5 days a week, which includes 2-3 classes per day. To find out more about our competitive program, or to set up a competitive assessment, please contact us.

Our mini program, ages 5 & 7 is considered a PT Program however they are focused on training for the FT Competitive Program

These little dancers dance twice a week and compete at local competitions only!