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2023/2024 TSSD Dance at a Glance

An Amazing Year of Dance      

The dance year runs from September 16, 2023 to our year end show in June. The year is divided into 2 terms, however our dance programs are based on a full year enrolment.  1st term begins September 16, 2023 and 2nd term begins January 27, 2024. At registration payment for the full year may be made, or payment for 1st term with a postdated cheque or credit card for 2nd term on file. There is a registration fee of $30.00/student for each year. There are no refunds once classes have begun with the exception of KinderSteps where there is more flexibility due to the young age of the dancers. Almost every class requires a costume for the year end recital, the fee for the costumes is posted in January or February.  (ALL FEES ARE SUBJECT TO H.S.T.

FUN FACT: Did you know that dance stimulates brain activity


Check Below for Available Classes and Registration

KINDERSTEPS (Ages 3 & 4) Click Here to Enroll & Learn More

An exciting introduction to dance class with the use of fun props and wonderful age appropriate music. The dancers are introduced to basic dance moves in Ballet & Jazz in a fun-filled dance class. Our KinderSteps Dance Specialists provide the best foundation possible.  Don’t miss this wonderful, fun, exciting dance class!  We are excited to offer a discounted rate for this amazing class.


SMALL FRY (Ages 5 & 6) Click Here to Enroll & Learn More

We offer Jazz, Tap, Ballet & Hip Hop for this age group. These classes teach each dance discipline in an organized progressive manner. Our classes follow our dance syllabus designed for young dancers!

small fryy

BALLET (Ages 7  & UP) Click Here to Enroll (Ages 6-11) or Click Here to Enroll (Ages 12 & Up)

This traditional art form, the basis of all dance, is performed to classical music as well as popular music. Lessons prepare dancers for The Society of Russian Ballet exams. Pre-ballet through Advanced classes.


JAZZ (Ages 7 & UP) Click here to Enroll (Ages 6-11) or Click here to Enroll (Ages 12 & Up)

This dance features contemporary movement to popular music. It develops flexibility, control and technique. Levels range from Beginner to Advanced. Classes prepare dancers for  A.D.A.P.T. exams.


TAP (Ages 7 & UP) Click Here to Enroll (Ages 6-11) or Click Here to Enroll (Ages 12 & Up)

This percussive dance uses rhythm and foot work, and can be performed with or without music. Levels range from Beginner to Advanced. Lessons prepare dancers for A.D.A.P.T. exams.


ACRO (Ages 7 & UP) Click Here to Enroll & Learn More

Dance Acro incorporates acrobatic moves such as walkovers, cartwheels, front rolls, handstands etc. The class works on dance movement along with the acro movement to produce a dance/acro choreography.


LYRICAL (Ages 10 & UP) Click Here to Enroll & Learn More

In this blend of Ballet & Jazz technique, dancers employ movement to express the emotion in a piece of music.


CONTEMPORARY (Ages 10 & UP) Click Here to Enroll & Learn More

Contemporary dance uses Jazz, Ballet & Modern dance without restrictions of technique to express a piece of music.


HIP HOP (Ages 7 & UP) Click Here to Enroll (Ages 6-11) or Click Here to Enroll (Ages 12 & UP)

This popular, urban-based dance form is usually performed to Hip-Hop or R&B music. Dancers are introduced to the many different forms of Hip Hop throughout the year.


Year End Recital – May or Early June.  Recital handbook available after April 1st.

This is an exciting time for the dancers. They begin choreography for the year end show in February for each year, costumes are ordered, rehearsal is held, tickets are sold for the big event… The dancers are excited to show their family and friends what they have learned throughout the year… information on our year end show will be on the website as well as posted on our studio dance boards and e-mailed to families.

A.D.A.P.T. & The Society of Russian Ballet exams

The A.D.A.P.T. syllabus is an organized method of teaching. It is the best performance based syllabus in Canada. Our teachers are all experienced in the ADAPT method. Exams take place in November or December. The Society of Russian Ballet syllabus is dynamic and performance-based. Exams also take place in November or December.

Recreational students are encouraged to participate in exams and the teachers will invite dancers once they are ready for each level.

PAULA MORGAN (Ages 7 & UP) Click Here to Enroll

This technique looks like a combination of yoga, pilates and ballet but is still totally unique, focusing on strength, flexibility and dance technique, creating the perfect dancer foundation.


ADULTS (Ages 18 & UP) Click Here to Enroll & Learn More

The Studio has classes for adult dancers in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Broadway Dance. ‘Keep Fit…Dance A Bit’… Great fun, meet new people, learn a new skill and feel energized!

Drop-In Class cards for the adult dancers are available! Classes for Adults are discounted!  Please note: drop-in only dancers will not be eligible for Recital at the end of the year.