Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the right class for my young dancer?

The Studio offers one or more classes to a new dancer based on the dancer’s age, ability, experience, interest and dance discipline of choice.


What is expected of dancers?

It is expected that dancers will:

  • Arrive at at their lessons on time, prepared to dance
  • Follow all Studio rules
  • Respect fellow classmates and teachers
  • Not leave valuables in a change room
  • Not bring gum or drink cans into a dance studio
  • Not wear outside shoes in a dance studio
  • Remain in The Studio building unless a note advising otherwise is provided by the dancer’s parent
  • Pick up after themselves—and use the waste bins

How long is the dance year?

This dance year begins in September and ends in June, in a series of on-stage performances. The year is divided in two terms, one ending and the other beginning in Mid January.


How can parents keep track of a dancer’s progress?

Every December The Studio invites parents into the dance studios to watch their children in rehearsal. This is the only week during the year when this privilege is extended to parents. Parents who miss this opportunity must wait until competitions or the Summer Strut Dance Recital to see their children in action.


What is the Summer Strut Dance Recital?

The Summer Strut is the name of the main year-end recital for Recreational dancers. In a typical year, there are separate shows for Recreational dancers, Company dancers, Ballet dancers and dancers who take part in solos and duets. The recitals are typically held in modern, air-conditioned buildings, often Ottawa high schools. At the end of the recital, the Director will hand out Studio awards for improvement, excellence and attendance.


Are there additional fees for taking part in the Summer Strut recitals?

Yes. You will need to purchase recital tickets, which are quite reasonably priced, as well as stage costumes and makeup. The costumes typically cost between $45 and $100 plus taxes.


Is performance in the Summer Strut mandatory?

No. But each dancer is encouraged to take part. Those who choose not to perform in the recital will continue to attend classes and learn the dance. During choreography they will shadow another dancer.


How can we get photos of our dancer in costume with the rest of the dance class?

The Studio holds a Photos Day before the Summer Strut. Parents arrange to purchase photos directly from the photographer, Studio C Photography. The schedule for taking photos will be published far in advance of Photo Day.


How can we get a DVD of our dancer during the Summer Strut?

Summer Strut performances are professionally recorded. You can order a copy of the DVD for delivery to The Studio after the Summer Strut.


Are volunteers recruited to help with the Summer Strut?

Yes. Parents can contribute in several ways:

  • Class Moms ensure dancers are safe and accounted for when not on stage.
  • Security helpers check dancers in on arrival at the theater and check them out when they are picked up. They also help ensure that only authorized volunteers are backstage and in dressing rooms.
  • Ushers escort ticket-holders to their seats, distribute programs and open doors at intermission.
  • Front of house helpers collect tickets and hand out programs.

What about fees?

A dancer’s fees depend on the number of classes and optional competitive dances the dancer registers to take. Fees are due in two installments, on registration and by January 28. For details about fees, the dance schedule and registration, review the information on the Fees & Schedule page.  Each May we offer a 10% discount for those who wish to register early for Fall classes only.  This discount is offered from May 1st through may 31st.


Where can I buy dancewear?

Johnny Brown (Please allow 5 business days for delivery)

Does my dancer have to take exams?

No. The dance teacher may recommend it. But whether or not a dancer takes exams is up to the dancer and the dancer’s parents.